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China Custom Agricultural Reduction Rpm Vertical PGA Feed Mixing Agriculture Epicyclic Single Auger Tmr Mixers Planetary Gear Box pto shaft connector

Product Description

Agricultural Reduction Rpm Vertical Pga Feed Mixing Agriculture Epicyclic Single Auger TMR Mixers Planetary Gear Box

Our product can be adapted: see the diagram and the chart below. Please give us the required model name so we can provide you the most accurate quotation.

This chart if for reference, if you need different features, provide us all relevant details for your project and we will be glad to help you finding the product matching your need at the best quality with the lowest price.

Please note the price and the MOQ may vary regarding the product you chose: do not hesitate to contact us to know more!


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Extensive use for agricultural machines
Guarantee: High precision, high wear resistance, low noise, smooth and steady, high strength

Our factory




Type: Agricultural Gearbox
Usage: Farmland Infrastructure, Agricultural Machine
Material: Carbon Steel
Power Source: Electricity
Weight: OEM
After-sales Service: Installation Guide
US$ 999/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Shaft Collar

Choosing the Right PTO Shaft For Your Tractor

There are a number of different PTO shaft types available for your tractor. These include the North American, German and Italian styles. They are also available in various series, each with different options for bearing diameter and cap-to-cap overall length. To choose the best shaft for your tractor, it’s important to know what kind of tractor you own and the type of PTO that you need.

IID shaft

When it comes to choosing the best IID shaft for your PTO, the selection process can be a challenge. Whether you are replacing the shaft in your own tractor or need to purchase one for a client, there are several factors to consider. The right PTO shaft for your tractor should be compatible with the equipment you currently use. For instance, a shaft that can be used in a farm tractor will fit a different farm tractor than one used in a construction machine.
First of all, a safety shield is a critical part of your IID shaft. The shielding will help keep the entire shaft free of any potential hazards. Typically, shielding will cover the straight part of the shaft, universal joints, and PTO connection. A shield can also help protect you from injury if you accidentally run into the shaft or touch the guard.
A power take off shaft will be the best choice if you are using a tractor for other applications, such as mowing, shredding, or plowing. A PTO shaft is also a crucial part if you own a large tractor or implement. It will allow you to operate your equipment with maximum efficiency.
An IID shaft is designed to slide into another piece when the tractor’s PTO is engaged. A disconnected IID shaft can pull the two pieces apart and cause the tractor to swing uncontrollably when it is engaged. This can cause serious injuries or even death. You should not engage a PTO if you aren’t certain of its strength.
To ensure the safety of the driveline shield, check for proper alignment of the PTO shaft. If it isn’t aligned properly, foreign materials can enter the shaft bearings. A damaged driveline shield can also lead to driveline separation, particularly when the tractor is making sharp turns or downhills. In addition, improper alignment of the drawbar may damage the protective shield that protects the shaft.
Choosing the right PTO series size requires proper measuring of each part. Measure the length of each yoke outside the PTO shaft and determine the appropriate PTO series size. The PTO yoke size chart can be helpful when choosing the correct size for your tractor.

Reverse PTO

Many different applications call for a reverse PTO shaft. These adapters allow the PTO shaft to be turned in the opposite direction of the engine, matching the rotation of the power take-off to the rotation of the equipment it drives. They can be used to space the power take-off away from the transmission case and improve clearance for a direct-coupled pump or driveshaft.
Reverse PTO shafts are available for CZPT . They are designed for six-spline 540-rpm applications. They also offer the option of multi-speed operation. Reversed PTOs are a great option for implements that can get stuck.
Reverse PTOs can be used on most types of PTO. The reverse version has a gearbox that allows it to rotate backward. These are ideal for implements that can get stuck in a field. A reverse PTO shaft makes it possible to work with the implement without having to wait for it to get unstuck.
When using a PTO, it’s important to know which type of gearbox is needed. If you have an older model, you’ll probably need a reverse PTO shaft. These are generally used on older, vintage tractors with ground drive PTO. The ground speed pTO shafts match the speed of the tractor’s final drive, so when the tractor is in reverse, the gearbox will turn backward. This feature will not function if you’re working stationary, though.
A tractor with a reverse PTO is important for a number of reasons. For example, the reverse PTO can help you turn a stuck tractor in the opposite direction, which is useful when a piece of farm equipment becomes stuck in mud or when you need to push a stuck implement back. In addition, it allows you to use the tractor’s power to operate various implements. The reverse PTO also helps you know how much power is needed to run various implements on various terrain.
In addition to being convenient, reverse PTO shafts also help reduce the risk of damage to implements attached to the PTO. It’s vital to keep a PTO shaft in good working order.
Shaft Collar

Square rigid shaft

When you are looking for a new square rigid PTO shaft, you should consider a few factors. Choosing the right one can be a challenge, as the process is not always simple. For instance, there are a lot of choices when it comes to different brands and interpretations. You can even choose to purchase a square rigid shaft that is not square.
Torsional rigidity is a measure of the ability of a shaft to resist torsional forces. The higher the value of J, the more rigid the shaft will be. For example, a steel shaft has a higher torsional rigidity than an HDPE shaft. The correct value of J can have a big impact on the design decisions.
Another factor to consider is the type of shaft coupling. Rigid shaft couplings are best for shafts that are perfectly aligned. While flexible couplings are flexible enough to accommodate small misalignments, they are not as flexible as the flexible ones. Rigid shaft couplings, which are typically made of metal, are not designed for high-speed rotation.
Rigid couplings are a good choice for a wide range of applications. Rigid couplings are available in many sizes and configurations, and can be used with either a powered or an unsupported shaft. Rigid couplings are also available with keyways to transmit torque.
Torsional rigidity depends on the geometry of the components. A higher torsional rigidity means a shaft is more resilient to twisting. However, excessive twisting can result in unstable performance. As a result, it is important to avoid over-twisting a shaft.
Flange couplings are another option. These couplings have two flanges that are attached to each other with bolts or nuts. They are very similar to split muff couplings and sleeve couplings. The difference is that flange couplings have two flanges – one for the shaft and one for the coupling hub.
If you are thinking about purchasing a square rigid PTO shaft for your tractor, be sure to consider the features that will best serve your specific needs. While you may be considering the price of this new shaft, remember that it is a machine part that could be dangerous.
Shaft Collar

Economy PTO

There are several standard types of PTO shafts. They can vary in diameter and number of splines, and are designed to work with a specific speed range. The following are the main differences between these types. Choosing the right type for your application will depend on its application. One of the most important considerations to make when choosing a PTO shaft is the ratio between the shaft’s diameter and the toothed wheels that are attached to it.
When choosing a PTO shaft, consider the amount of torque you need. In general, an economy PTO shaft should be able to support a maximum load of 540 Nm. In addition, it should be able to handle a high-speed output. An economy PTO shaft may need less torque than a high-performance model.
Economy PTO shafts come in two basic styles: North American and Italian. These two types are designed to provide constant-speed output and balance the power input of a tractor. There are also various other styles of PTO shafts available, including square and rectangular half-shaft assemblies. You can also purchase extra parts to repair a worn PTO shaft.
The control/monitoring unit in a PTO includes a screen display and a manual control for selecting engaged or disengaged PTO states. In addition, there is a switch in the cab mounted control unit 14 that selects normal and economy modes when driving the PTO. These modes utilize different gears to achieve the desired PTO shaft revs.
To select the right PTO speed, select the lever in economy mode and increase the throttle to the appropriate rpm. The PTO speed should be 540 RPM. The control/monitoring unit 14 will use this information to adjust the clutch control parameters. In addition to the PTO speed, it will also display the torque on the PTO shaft.
Economy PTO shafts are ideal for a variety of applications. These PTOs allow the tractor to run at lower rpms, thereby reducing noise and vibrations. They are typically available in both hydraulic and mechanical types.
China Custom Agricultural Reduction Rpm Vertical PGA Feed Mixing Agriculture Epicyclic Single Auger Tmr Mixers Planetary Gear Box   pto shaft connectorChina Custom Agricultural Reduction Rpm Vertical PGA Feed Mixing Agriculture Epicyclic Single Auger Tmr Mixers Planetary Gear Box   pto shaft connector
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Best China manufacturer & factory factory manufacturer for High quality planetary gear driving wheel ring With high quality best price

Best China manufacturer & factory factory manufacturer for  High quality planetary gear driving wheel ring With high quality best price

We will provide best services and high quality products with all sincerity. a specialized supplier of a full range of chains, sprockets, gears, gear racks, V-belts, couplings and reducers, pto shaft, agricultural gearboxes….

Our products is popular exported to the United States, Germany, AusCommercial policy Our commercial policy is based on the service. And we understand by service the delivery of the product in the down times that our costumers demand us. We have developed a logistic system in our company that allows us to send products the same day of its order whenever it is made this order before 18:00 hours, to this service we have called it “EPG Express”.tralia, Russia, Spain, Hungary, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, Nigeria, Peru, Brazil, Middle and South America, Thailand, Pakistan, Indonesia, more than 60 countries and regions.


Quick DetailPTO Adapters To avoid potential connectivity issues, you may want to consider a PTO Adapter for your tractor. The PTO adapter extends the connection to the implement, providing additional space for the PTO shaft to turn without touching the Arm Weldment or other parts of your tractor or the implement.s

Applicable Industries:

Manufacturing Plant

Product Keywords:

planetary gear,driving gear wheel,gear ring

Supply Ability

Supply Ability:
5000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details
Neutral paper packaging, wooden boxes for outer box or according to customer’s demand.
Shanghai Port / Ningbo Port

Online Customization

We Ever-Power Group with 4 branches over 1200 workers is one of the biggest transmission parts and machining items manufacturers in China factory manufacturer for  High quality planetary gear driving wheel ring

Product Description

Product Description:

We specialized in manufacturing automobile gears , motorcycle gears, gearbox, special vehicle (power takeoff, snowmobiles, engineering vehicles) gears, generator accessories, stainless steel ice crusher etc.



  1020,1045,20CrMnTi, etc.

Machining Process

Gear Hobbing , Gear Shaping,  Gear Shaving, Gear Grinding


1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2.0, 2.25, 2.5….8.0 etc.

Heat Treatment

Carburizing & Quenching,  Carbonitriding



factory manufacturer for  High quality planetary gear driving wheel ringfactory manufacturer for  High quality planetary gear driving wheel ringfactory manufacturer for  High quality planetary gear driving wheel ringfactory manufacturer for  High quality planetary gear driving wheel ring

factory manufacturer for  High quality planetary gear driving wheel ringfactory manufacturer for  High quality planetary gear driving wheel ringfactory manufacturer for  High quality planetary gear driving wheel ringfactory manufacturer for  High quality planetary gear driving wheel ring

Best China manufacturer & factory factory manufacturer for  High quality planetary gear driving wheel ring With high quality best price

Best China manufacturer & factory factory manufacturer for  High quality planetary gear driving wheel ring With high quality best price

Best China manufacturer & factory factory manufacturer for  High quality planetary gear driving wheel ring With high quality best price

factory Lowest price manufacturer for Custom planetary gear set gear part set spiral bevel gear

factory  Lowest price manufacturer for  Custom planetary gear set gear  part set spiral bevel gear

The high precise CNC products, such as Slow-feeding wire-reduce equipment, jig grinding device and electrical discharge device, ensures the leading high quality precision of mould processing, with the substantial effective and environmental security acid rolling line being the premier raw content changing equipment in the field in china The wildly use of automated milling equipment, large-velocity computerized feeding punch, higher velocity computerized rolling and assembling machine assures the higher top quality and performance of factors and chain generating.


Swift Specifics

Applicable Industries:

Producing Plant

Nearby Services Area:


Outer Diameter:



CNC Machining

Strain Angle:

twenty/forty/50/sixty Personalized




24 Hrs On the internet

Standard materials:




Offer Potential

Provide Capability:
5000 Piece/Parts for every Thirty day period

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Particulars
Neutral paper packaging wood containers for outer box or according to client demand from customers
shanghai Port/Ningbo Port
Guide Time
Quantity(Pieces) one – a thousand >1000
Est. Time(days) fifteen To be negotiated

On the internet Customization

We At any time-Electrical power Team with 4 branches above 1200 employees is one of the largest transmission areas and machining items manufacturers in China

Item Description:

We specialized in production auto gears , motorbike gears, gearbox, specific motor vehicle (electrical power takeoff, snowmobiles, engineering autos) gears, generator add-ons, stainless steel ice crusher etc.


  1020,1045,20CrMnTi, etc.

Machining Procedure

Gear Hobbing , Equipment Shaping,  Gear Shaving, Equipment Grinding


1., 1.twenty five, one.5, 1.75, two., two.25, two.5….eight. and so on.

Warmth Treatment method

Carburizing & Quenching,  Carbonitriding



High-quality Trusted and Audited Suppliers BWD0 X2 cycloid planetary speed reducer cycloidal gear speed gearbox for architecture

High-quality  Trusted and Audited Suppliers BWD0 X2 cycloid planetary speed reducer cycloidal gear speed gearbox for architecture

We have exported our items to Korea, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Italy, Norway, the United states of america, Canada, and so forth.


Fast Details

Applicable Industries:

Manufacturing Plant

Model Identify:


Item NO:


Rated Energy:


Item name:

cycloidal gearbox


planetary gearbox


Generate or lessen equipment









Mounting Situation:

Horizontal (foot Mounted)

Packaging & Shipping

Lead Time
Amount(Items) one – 10 >10
Est. Time(times) three To be negotiated

On the internet Customization

Solution Description

Cycloidal equipment reducer is a theory adopted K-H-V Planetary Equipment considerably less progressive equipment. Its transmission method as follows : enter shaft geared up with a 180-degree dislocation of the double eccentric sets, changed with two eccentric switch as a roller bearing arm, the formation of H-, two cycloid round gap at the center shall uplink Eccentric Roller Bearings arm, which cycloidal gear needle spherical and meshing period, comprising a difference of the tooth meshing with the gearbox.





Nominal Power (KW)

Nominal Torque(N.m)

X/B Sequence Cycloidal Reducer

Solitary reducer



.fifty five-.18






.fifty five-.eighteen



four-.fifty five



eleven-.fifty five


















Nominal Power (KW)

Nominal Torque(N.m)

X/B Series  Cycloidal reducer

Double reducer















four-.fifty five



4-.fifty five



seven.five-.fifty five



seven.5-.fifty five








Main Characteristics

All planetary cycloidal reducer rotating unit can be divided into 3 elements:enter portion,deceleration element and output portion.

Dislocation on the input shaft is outfitted with a 180℃ of double eccentric sleeve,geared up with two ball bearings on the eccentric sleeve,the formation of H two cycloid equipment heart hole is the eccentric sleeve on the turning arm bearing raceway,and by a groud of cycloid equipment and pin gear ring of equipment meshing,considerably less poor tooth meshing reduction mechanism to kind,(in purchase to minimize friction,in modest ratio of pace reducer,the needle with needle enamel on the gear established).
When the enter shaft with eccentric sleeve rotation for a week,as a result of the cycloid equipment tooth profile curve attributes and limited by needle on the gear enamel,the movement of the cycloid equipment turning out to be the two revolution and rotation of the airplane movement,and input shaft are
produced for a week,eccentric sleeve also switch the week,cycloid gear in the reverse route all around a huge tooth distinction reduction is obtained, then with the support pf W output mechanism,the cycloid gear rotates at low speed movement by way of the pin shaft,passed to the output shaft,minimal output pace can be reached.


1.Cycloid reducer massive reduction ratio, substantial effectiveness: a reduction equipment ratio is nine~87, the two-stage reduction gear ratio is 121 ~ 5133, multistage blend can achieve tens of thousands, and the needle tooth meshing line kind rolling friction, the meshing surface no relative sliding, so a reduction performance of 94%.
2.Pin wheel reducer easy operating, minimal sound: the tooth get in touch with at the exact same time when in procedure, the coincidence diploma high, steady working, sturdy overload ability, reduced vibration and noise, a range of models, small sound.
3. The use of reputable, prolonged daily life: simply because the primary portion is created of higher carbon alloy metal quenching (HRC58-62), and then grinding, and cycloid equipment and pin equipment set mesh transfer to the pin gear form rolling friction pair, friction coefficient is small, so that the meshing zone no relative sliding, wear small, so resilient.
4. Compact framework, little quantity: in comparison with other reducer with the energy of the previously mentioned bodyweight, tiny quantity one/three, as is the planetary transmission, the enter shaft and the output shaft in the exact same axis, in purchase to get the smallest feasible dimension.

Our Organization

HangZhouYinxin Electromechanical Amenities Co. Ltd

HangZhouYinxin Electromechanical Tools Co., Ltd.is a reward company integrating development, style, generation and product sales,Main advertising goods incorporate reducer motor,drinking water pump,construction machinery and parts,bearings,hardware and electrical products,plastic goods,Labour security appliance.Our organization always comply with the operation concept which consists of individuals-oriented, innovation as the soul,be geared up for danger in instances of peace, unremitting……

Software region


Product sales territory

Packing & Shipping



500 (L) * 500 (W) * 400 (D)


one.2 T

Packaging Information

The typical bundle is picket box(Size: L*W*H). If export to european countries,the wooden box will be fumigated.If container is also tigher,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to clients special request.



500 (L) * five hundred (W) * 400 (D)


1.2 T

Packaging Particulars

The regular deal is picket box(Dimension: L*W*H). If export to european nations,the picket box will be fumigated.If container is as well tigher,we will use pe movie for packing or pack it according to consumers specific request.


Q1: Are you investing business or company ?

A: We are a manufacturer in ZJ China.welcome to our manufacturing facility to have a go to.

Q2: How we pick designs and specs?

A:You can e-mail us the collection title & code (for illustration: WJ sequence worm gearbox) as properly as requirement particulars, this sort of as motor electricity, output velocity or ratio, provider factor or your software…as a lot data as achievable. If you can source some pictures or drawings, it is greater.

Q3: How is your value? Can you supply any price cut?

A: We will give the best cost we can base on your demands and the quantities.

This fall: How prolonged ought to I wait for the comments following I ship the enquiry?

A: Inside of 12 several hours.

Q5: What is your merchandise guarantee interval?

A:We offer a single calendar year warranty because the vessel departure date remaining China.

Q6: What industries are your gearboxes being employed?

A:Our gearboxes are broadly applied to metallurgical tools, mining tools, automation tools, foods machinery, packaging gear, tobacco gear and so on.